Communication tool between BIM participants and technologies

BIMcollab’s issue management in the cloud simplifies the process and offers a structured way of storing, sharing and managing issues. But more important: you have the information right where it’s needed most: directly within your Clash-detection- or BIM authoring-tools.


  • issues linked to objects in your BIM together with the correct viewpoint for quick visualisation
  • all the information needed at hand to lookup, create and solve issues within your BIM tool,
  • to save all your issues in the cloud and be able to access them from anywhere at anytime.


Lūdzu, dalieties ar šo informāciju:


Issue management

Store, share and manage all your issues in an easy and efficient way. BIMcollab centralizes all the issues of your project and gives a clear overview, so you will never let any issue slip away.

Cloud based

Access BIMcollab from anywhere, at anytime and with any device. You only need an internet connection and you can start logging issues from behind your desk or even at the construction site.


Simplify your communication workflow with BIMcollab. Every action and every change is tracked, which gives you a complete audit trail. This clears up all the noise in the process.

No more fingerpointing

BIMcollab provides you with a complete and transparant audit trail of all changes made, and can be used as legal documentation. It’s all tracked automatically throughout the full project cycle. There will be no more finger pointing about who should have done what.

Flexible & rich

Add projects, users and issues, or edit content. Define milestones and add deadlines. Create also non-BIM issues for todo lists, or add photo’s for visual support. Simple and illustrative graphs offer instant insight into the workload and progress of your team.

No worries

Secure your project data by appointing access rights, or use confidential issues. Your data is backed up daily, safe and securely stored in our hosting environment. BIMcollab runs under SSL and all sensitive data is encrypted at rest in our database. Our datacentre is ISO certified.