Dlubal RSTAB

Structural Analysis Program for Calculation and Design of 2D and 3D Beam Structures

RSTAB is a powerful analysis program for 3D beam structure calculations, reflecting the current state of the art and helping structural engineers to meet requirements in modern civil engineering.

RSTAB represents the basis of a modular software system: with Dlubal RSTAB you can analyse steel, reinforced concrete, timber, aluminum, composite construction, plant and mechanical engineering, dynamics, design according to Eurocodes / International Standards.

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The 3D framework program Dlubal RSTAB is used to define structures, materials and loads for the calculation of planar and spatial frameworks. Due to its CAD-like graphical user interface, Dlubal RSTAB is an easy-to-use program. Many useful tools are already integrated such as the automatic structure generation, the generation of imperfections as well as wind and snow loads according to Eurocode, the parameterized modeling, and the automatic creation of action, load and result combinations. RSTAB provides deformations, internal and support forces. With the add-on modules you perform further analyses and designs. The modular approach allows you to combine all programs individually according to your needs. Upgrades at a later time are always possible. Dlubal RSTAB offering numerous interfaces represents the perfect tool for a smooth interaction between CAD and structural analysis in Building Information Modeling (BIM).

  • For highest demands in modern civil engineering
  • Individual program packages due to modular software structure
  • Calculation of supporting structures consisting of steel, concrete, timber, aluminum and mixed systems
  • Structural and dynamic analysis
  •  Integration of various international codes and standards
  • High-quality visualization of structure and loading
  • Fire protection design according to Eurocode for steel, concrete and timber
  • Continuous maintenance and program development
  • Quick and qualified hotline support



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