3D planning software package for architects

EliteCad is unlimited, professional 3D planning software package for architects, town planners and interior designers. It allows you to plan several buildings at the same time. All architecture functions, such as parametrics for walls, ceilings, windows, roofs, stairs, professional rendering, graphic quantity surveying, extensive interfaces and libraries, are available to you. The functional scope of the full version also enables you to define free-form surfaces and model free 3D objects.

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You can turn your design ideas into design models and corresponding plans using parametrics and intuitive modelling options.

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The terrain module is used for planning structural and civil engineering and in spatial landscape planning.

The terrain module depicts a three-dimensional terrain by interpreting points in space and curves. This terrain can be modelled and supplemented with roads, retaining walls, points and excavation volume. The software provides the relevant cubic changes. The terrain is displayed logically in floor plans, views and sections and provides the excavation plan.

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Presentation of the project

The integrated rendering engine incorporates radiosity and ray tracing in order to render professional images, which automatically update when changes are made to the project.

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EliteCAD Youtube video playlist