Explore, track, and manage project and plant information using powerful linking, reporting and visualisation

Our solution uniquely links a 3D model to asset information in an intuitive interface, enabling users to accurately explore, track, and manage project and building information using powerful linking, reporting and visualisation.

HFB provides seamless information links between the multiple engineering systems required to maintain complex building implementations. HFB enables the relevant information to be provided in the relevant format for the job at hand and through its mobile capability can deliver complex data from expensive back end systems directly to the hands of the engineer for the task at hand.

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With HFB you can:

  • Import and view almost any BIM or CAD model
  • Then click on any part of your project to retrieve information
  • Colour code any object or group of objects by analysis results
  • Track construction progress
  • Add asset data
  • Link to 3rd party applications and services
  • Search the entire model for anything
  • Retrieve all the data you need when you need it – even on site