IDEA StatiCa

IDEA RS is flexible system of designing and checking programs for structural engineers and consultants to design residential, civil and industrial structures.

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IDEA StatiCa has three main parts:


IDEA StatiCa Steel is used by engineers dealing with members, joints, connections, details and cross-sections of steel structures. Its functionality is organized into modules depending on the member which is to be analyzed and designed – Connection, Beam, Column, Frame etc.

IDEA Connection

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IDEA StatiCa Steel is not just a standalone program where user defines geometry, loads and other inputs by himself. It also supports BIM interface which enables importing steel members (joins, connections) including loads (internal forces) from other programs.idea-statica-bim


New links with  applications Tekla Structures and Advance Steel which enables a creation of the IDEA Connection project directly by using of a command(makro) in CAD programs.


IDEA BIM enables every engineer to get the most out of their software equipment and makes it easy to start working with IDEA StatiCa.

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IDEA StatiCa Concrete is used by engineers dealing with members/details of concrete structures. Designing is based on internal forces model created either in IDEA StatiCa or imported from FEA programs like Midas, Axis VM, SCIA Engineer and others.

IDEA StatiCa Concrete

  • Complete design of structural members and details
  • Beams, columns, frames, slabs
  • General/ predefined cross-sectional shapes
  • Straight/ curved, prismatic/ tapered
  • Reinforcement layout in zones along member, predefined templates, DXF export
  • EN 1992-1-1, EN 1992-2 plus National Annexes, SIA 262
  • Comprehensive ULS/ SLS code checks
  • Non-linear deflections with long-term effects, 2nd order effects
  • Cross-section capacity – plain/ reinforced concrete
  • Flexure, shear, torsion, interaction of N, Vy, Vz, Mx, My, Mz, fatigue
  • Serviceability – stress limitations, crack width
  • Detailing
  • Response N-M-M, M-N kappa, short/ long-term stiffness
  • Corbel/ Bracket design using Strut&Tie method
  • BIM compliant – interface to various 3D FEA software

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IDEA StatiCa Prestressing is used by engineers for the design of members, cross-sections, and details of prestressed concrete structures and bridges. The program is suitable for an extensive range of applications in both pre- and post- tensioned concrete market. With respect to that IDEA StatiCa Prestressing is:

enables easy input and fast design of the structure.

provides clear information about beam behavior and utilization of particular sections.

provides comprehensive checks according to code requirements including references to code provisions, tooltips, and explanations.

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BIM link between Tekla Structures and IDEA Steel Connection