RF-/JOINTS Timber – Timber to Timber Add-on Module for RFEM/RSTAB

With the latest versions RFEM 5.11.02 and RSTAB 8.11.02, we released the new RF-/JOINTS Timber – Timber to Timber add-on module in addition to useful features. This add-on module designs direct screw connections according to EC 5. 

The RF-/JOINTS Timber - Timber to Timber add‑on module designs joints where timber members are directly connected to each other by means of slant screws. The design is performed according to:

  •  EN 1995‑1‑1 (including National Annexes)


For more information about this and the other latest features in RFEM / RSTAB

1. Features

  • Design of hinged connections
  • Biaxial inclination of the connected member (for example a jack rafter joint)
  • Connection of any number of members on one node for the ‘Main member only’ type
  • Screw diameter of 6 mm – 12 mm
  • Automatic check of the minimum distance between screws
  • Optional free definition of screw distances
  • Transfer of eccentricity from RFEM/RSTAB
  • Crosswise or parallel screw alignment
  • Definition of up to 16 screws in a row
  • Graphical visualization of joints in the add-on module and in RFEMRSTAB
  • Possibility to perform all required designs

2. Input

First, it is necessary to select the joint type and the design standard. 

The connected members are imported from the RFEM / RSTAB model. The module automatically checks if all geometric conditions are fulfilled.

Also the loads are imported automatically from RFEM / RSTAB. In the Geometry window, you can specify the screw parameters (diameter, length, angle, etc.).

3. Design

The following design results are displayed:

  • Check of the minimum spacing between screws
  • Load carrying capacity of each screw

4. Results

At first, the governing joint designs are arranged in groups and displayed with the basic geometry of the joint in the first result window. In the other result windows, you can see all fundamental design details.

Dimensions and material properties important for the connection construction are displayed immediately and can be printed directly or exported to a DXF file. It is possible to visualize the connections in RF‑/JOINTS Timber - Timber to Timber or in the RFEM / RSTAB model.

All graphics can be included in the RFEM / RSTAB printout report or printed directly. Result graphics to scale provide the option of an optimal visual check right from the design phase.

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